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Oct 07, 2014

Increasing Referrals Made Easy!

By EAI Contributor

A key component to the success of a Bank Insurance and Security Program starts with the success of collecting, tracking and measuring of an internal Referral Process.  The “buy in” is not always easy, but the rewards of “knowing your customer” business relationship, is huge.  The full circle…. from the Referral concept to a Revenue opportunity.

Challenges that result in “gaps” of an unsuccessful referral program can be found in any part of the referral cycle: collecting the referral opportunities from the frontline staff to measuring the success of meeting with the customer and ultimately, failing to create a referral database that supports the ongoing client relations.  Empower your licensed personnel to manage their client relation, beginning from the initial referral stage.

EAI Information Systems has the solution!!!

Key #1:  Implement a referral system that begins to close the gaps and establish systems communication beginning with the frontline staff.  Create the customer record.

Key #2:  Utilize internal methods to push the created record to your licensed personnel.  Verify the customer record.

Key #3:  Begin the customer relationship by making an appointment and qualifying the referral.  Create the opportunity.

Key #4:  Turn the customer into a client.  Establish the client record.

Key #5:  Strengthening the partnership between the frontline staff and licensed personnel.  Maximize the opportunity.

Key #6:  Utilize a interactive and revenue targeting CRM system to finalize the client experience and create a stronger ongoing client management process.  Create a revenue opportunity.

Key #7:  Create the ultimate referral process to ensure all gaps are closed: frontline staff is compensation timely and accurately, the licensed personnel owns the client relationship, sales management measures quality of referrals and identifies weaknesses in sales force, stronger relationships created with frontline staff, whether licensed or non-licensed, partnerships are created to ensure maximized revenue opportunities.  Maximize the client relationship.  

Key #8:  Strengthen the bottom-line.   EAI Information System’s Referral Module allows for the streamline process of collecting the customer information, strengthening the partnership of qualifying the referral, establishes a working CRM system to allow for maximized Program revenues and provides a guide for upper management to manage the impact of a successful referral process.  No gaps, just a streamline process that creates maximized client management and ongoing revenue.  Customizable to your current referral process or create a new one.

EAI Information Systems provides a proven solution for your Program.