Solutions for Broker Dealers

Commission Processing

It's a numbers game. Mutliple salespeople, multiple products, multiple vendors--and multiple commissions to reconcile quickly and accurately. An acounting headache for you, an important source of income--and job satisfaction--for your sales force. What's the key to keeping them happy? Easy: EAI's Commissions Processing technology.

Fast. Accurate. Flexible.

There's no better way to manage revenue across several platforms than by storing the data all in one place. With EAI's streamlined system, you can customize tiered payouts, splits and overrides to fit your business's unique structure. Have more than one hierarchy within your organization? EAI can be configured for that, too. If it works for your bottom line, it'll work in our software.

  • Annuity, Security or Life Insurance processing
  • Automatic or manual reconciliation
  • Daily sales blotters summarizing GDC and transaction details
  • Group Reconciliation allowing quick comparison of expected versus paid commissions
  • Payout grids at the rep, branch or institution level
  • Customizable rates for trailers, overrides, splits, ticket charges and anything else your firm uses
  • No programming necessary to update payouts

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