Solutions for Broker Dealers

Rep Module

Information is power. But unless it's organized, processed and readily available, it's more burden than benefit. How do you help your sales team beat the competition? With this: The Rep Module from EAI.

Dynamic. Connected. Productive.

EAI’s innovative Rep Module has been revamped to provide the latest technology, and is now powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM equipping your reps with the tools they need to build deeper relationships with customers and propel their cross-selling business. By tracking contacts and appointments, this user-friendly database helps reps plan their day—and their sales plans.

  • Secure, single sign-on to a rep’s client list and portfolios
  • Daily, weekly and monthly sales blotters
  • Visual summary of GDC and assets under management
  • Detailed position and current balance information
  • Consolidated account data
  • Reminders for customer anniversaries, or appointments
  • Flags to follow up on a sales effort
  • Review of expiring licensing or continuing education records
  • Reports highlighting customers with annuities more than 5 years old, customers with only one product, or any other milestone you choose

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