Solutions for Financial Institutions

Data Aggregation

Enter a transaction manually, pay a rep for a day. Gather transaction data automatically, pay a rep for as long as they sell, without a second thought. Think you’d need specially programmed robots to eliminate the overhead of data entry? Wrong. All you need is EAI’s data aggregation feature.

Comprehensive. Configured. Secure.

Gone are the days of line-by-line data entry. Instead, watch your workflow increase in productivity and efficiency with:

  • Consolidation of data from Pershing, DST, DAZL WebCRD, DTCC, AnnuityNet and other clearing firms
  • Comprehensive account history
  • Updated current balance and position information
  • Detailed trade history
  • Review process for incoming trades
  • Exceptions workflow for restricted trades, agents or accounts
  • Daily, monthly and detail reports ready to export to CSV, PDF or Excel

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