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Compliance: From Burden to Strategic Asset

by EAI Marketing

Implementing a comprehensive compliance tools doesn't have to be strain on the bottom line. Our research proves why companies who take risk management seriously are getting ahead.


by EAI Contributor

EAI Information Systems understands the importance of your data. Here is information anyone can use to verify that their business is safe online.

Managing in Turbulent Times

by Paul A. Werlin

EAI knows flexibility in your software solutions is vital for survival in uncertain times. In the Bank Insurance & Securities Marketing's fall edition, the president of Human Capital Resources, Inc., proposes 10 other ways to keep FAs productive and positive during tough times. Among them, he encourages program managers to view business plans as living documents, capable of responding to unexpected circumstances. Werlin also reminds managers it's the little things: keep plans simple and realistic, and practice what you preach.

Avoid the Audit Trap (Infographic)

by EAI Contributor

With enforcement actions increasing and penalties growing at an alarming rate, complinace is a bottom line issue with implications for all financial firms. Learn some of the hard facts and trends that will effect your firms next audit.