Data Management Vault Titanium Edition

EAI Data Management Vault

Get the accuracy, flexibility, and tracking that’s critical to retail investment product transaction management.

EAI provides data management solutions for all your investment-related transactions: Life and Health Insurance, Mutual Funds and Securities, and Annuities. Each stands alone as a complete solution within EAI’s Platinum™ Data Management Vault, but is also pre-configured for seamless operation with the two other signature transaction solutions.

The vault interfaces with all your data sources, from clearing firms to proprietary systems, and with each EAI Platinum Module: Commissions, Compliance, Referral Management, Rep, CRM, and Business Intelligence.

You get the proven functionality and stability of this robust, scalable platform and the familiar ease-of-use of a system tailored by EAI to your specific business preferences and existing resources.

For all types of transactions, the EAI Data Management Vault:

Monitors referrals by the agent or branch and ties them to specific goals to produce referral incentive reports for payroll.

Tracks and compares performance and production by branch, agent and company to defined goals.


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