EAI Commissions Module Titanium Edition

Recruit, reward, and retain top producers with a flexible, automated system that speeds processing, builds trust, and reduces errors.

Automate and accelerate commission-based compensation.
Accounting complexities can cause headaches, but commission miscalculations can cause misunderstandings, erode confidence internally, and deflate the morale of your reps, especially top producers. EAI’s Commission Module permits everyone – you, your reps, and regulators – to have quick, secure access to accurate information no matter how complex your commissioning process may be. Whether calculations use a fixed percentage or tiered commission rates by value, whether they are deferred, employ fee-based payout structures, or trigger bonuses on multiple sets of products and vendors, EAI’s Commissions Module reconciles and reports results quickly and accurately. And with EAI’s incomparable customer support, nothing handles the process faster or easier than EAI Commissions.

Track and trace multiple steps and computations with trust-building transparency.

The core of EAI Commissions provides proven, robust functionality. Then it is tailored to fit your system resources and operational preferences. It interfaces with all your data sources from clearing firms and retail investment product providers. You can manage revenue across several platforms because disparate data is aggregated and accessed with the same familiar user interface. With EAI’s seamless system, you can customize tiered payouts, splits, and overrides to fit your business’ unique structure. And, it is purposely designed to grow and change as you do.

EAI can be configured for multiple organizational hierarchies, too. You get detailed, comprehensive, consolidated commissions statements, advisor by advisor, branch by branch, office by office. Commissions and fees are calculated and payouts made based on authorized inputs and security assignments, by deferred statement, check, or EFT. Earnings files are automatically updated for 1099s.


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