EAI Referral Management Module Platinum Edition

Establish a system that tracks your retail product sales from referral to close. Analyze what works and grow more business.

Get the data and analysis you need to boost referrals and increase sales. EAI’s Referral Management Module is a powerful sales management tool that enables both platform and sales personnel to capture and follow up on referral information efficiently. Sophisticated tracking enhances your ability to respond promptly to customers, fulfill their expectations, and convert referrals to investment product sales!

Simplify recordkeeping and leverage timely data. Cut down on time spent tracking records and processing orders, thereby creating more time for your sales force to improve the bottom line. The Referral Management Module can be fully integrated with other EAI modules for maximum functionality of your EAI system, including seamless interactivity with our CRM tool, EAI Dynamic CRM Module. It leverages all your data in the EAI Transaction Data Vault from clearing firms and retail investment product providers, so you can track referral revenue across several platforms.

Promote confidence and transparency. A robust core of proven functionality is the heart of EAI’s signature line of solutions, which is customized to integrate your system resources and user interface preferences. With EAI’s system, you can tailor referral incentives, individual goals, and reports quickly and easily. And, it is designed to grow and change with your business.


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