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CRM for Financial Services

In today’s economic climate, many financial services firms are trying to balance constant cost and resource pressures, with the need to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. All at a time when it is easy for competitors to quickly replicate price, product and distribution models. So how do financial services companies like yours win out?

The key is to deliver an exceptional client experience – across banking areas such as Wealth Management, Mortgages, Insurance, Retail Banking, etc. EAI’s integrated CRM offering, built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform empowers your organization to deliver that exceptional client experience on a consistent basis, customized to your needs to help improve profitability and operational efficiency.

Empowering Your Team

Take advantage of templates and tools, custom-designed for the financial services industry. These tools allow you to:

  • Gain a 360-degree view of the client, for more effective management and servicing.
  • Identify high-value clients, whom you can target with very specific offers.
  • Help drive client loyalty and retention, engendering trust through highly personalized client service across service areas.
  • Automate key tasks and processes, to boost operational efficiencies and to maximize core competencies.
  • Help extend the value of your IT investments through intuitive customization tools and simplified integration with current systems—ultimately drive lower Total Cost of Ownership (TC).


Boost bottom-line profitability, drive increased client referrals, higher retention rates, and manage risk proactively.

  • Effective management of referrals, working with front-line staff to identify opportunities for cross-selling and referral to other groups beyond retail banking, such as Wealth Management, Mortgages, Investments . Our CRM offering allows you to manage and track referrals seamlessly, driving revenues across multiple units of your organization; and to compensate staff accurately, an essential step in driving good behaviors.
  • Help increase share of wallet and improve bottom-line profitability by capitalizing on cross-sell opportunities and by helping to ensure that pricing and banking policies are aligned to your client retention strategies.
  • Cultivate more profitable and lasting client relationships by arming employees with an understanding of each client’s account information, needs, preferences, interaction details, and relationship history.
  • Cut operational and administrative costs across branches, call centers, and offices with intuitive, easy-to–use tools that drive increased productivity, and a better client experience.
  • Streamline processes such as account onboarding, loan origination, and case escalation, with automated workflows and guided dialogs.
  • Better manage your risk exposure by seamlessly integrating the CRM platform with key IT systems, to help identify and mitigate risk-elevating behaviors, such as late payments, low credit ratings, and other triggers.

Wealth and Asset Management

Become a “trusted advisor” to your clients, while helping to increase managed assets and reducing admin costs.

  • Drive loyalty among key personnel such as brokers, advisors and front-line employees, by providing them real-time client data, and tools that allow them to deliver highly personalized advice.
  • Improve the efficiency of your team’ leveraging familiar Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel and Outlook, embedded right into the CRM software.
  • Capitalize on the opportunity to cross-sell, delivering targeted offers to maximize potential revenue from clients, based on their unique needs and situation.
  • Seamlessly track sales activities in real-time, isolating key trends, and using data to identify your most valuable clients via powerful analytics and customized dashboards.
  • Automate key tasks and processes —from client onboarding to reporting and regulatory-required processes.
  • Integrate with clearing firms and the back office for a comprehensive view of client information.

Independent Brokerage, and Registered Investment Advisors

Shift your organization to be more client-focused and less transaction-focused, driving stronger, long-term relationships.

  • Empower Agents and Brokerage to have increased insights into the business, creating new opportunities to upsell and cross-sell; and to get paid on-time.
  • Improve broker and agent interactions with mobile solutions and tools that streamline communication, freeing up time to have more relevant and meaningful client interactions.
  • Gain unprecedented visibility into the sales pipeline, agent/broker productivity levels, client loyalty, claims processing, and more, with powerful analytics and customized dashboards.
  • Help ensure regulatory compliance by using robust workflow and auditing capabilities that automatically capture and track key data areas, for future reference.
  • Integrate with clearing firms and the back office for a comprehensive view of client information.
  • View timely rep compensation and payout  information
  • Consolidate your client’s book of records from various sources

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